Having an autistic sibling is challenging. Even siblings have empathy most time there are some moments they both cross each others border. Fight between them and meltdowns afterwards creates negative energy that’s so hard to solve the problem; as parents you need strength in numbers!

If you’re both kids have a melt down together, it might be difficult to calm them down. This can create hard feelings between the two children which will make solving problems more challenging. As time goes by they both don’t feel safe enough anymore due to fear being hurt again. No matter how much love there was at first ; everything might changed in a second again.

Your child might think his or her family doesn’t care anymore due to circumstances out of control. However just because something happens in life does not mean those ties were destroyed permanently. Sometimes individuals need some space away from each other before being able to fill up again with emotions towards one another.

They might even say they will never talk to each other again. Wrong. Love is still there, even if it takes a bit of time-you might find them sitting on the couch and playing with their favorite game.

The key to understanding your child with autism is not always easy. As a parent, you have an even greater challenge of trying figure out what they are feeling or thinking when it can be difficult for both parties involved in conversation because there’s no eye-contact and emotions. We have to be bridges between our children if they suffer from autism or not. It might take some time and so hard for us to understand their behavior or read their emotions. You feel like trying in vain against the waves of an ocean but you are a parent and you have to find away a solution for them.

Take time for yourself, imagine the smell of fresh flowers, grass in your backyard on a sunny day. Take deep breaths as you close your eyes and imagine yourself there! Imagine what it feels like to be inside that perfect little house light from outside spills into every room. Everything within its glow while filling up our lungs with clean air.

Warm up by making tea or coffee while listening in on some soothing music – it’ll help give you the energy needed when dealing with angry kids. Take a deep sip of tea or coffee to calm yourself down while you wait for the kids’ moods to improve too! Once they’re both happy again, offer some treats ( popcorn sounds great)to help get their minds off everything that has happened today. it’ll be worth it when you watch your favorite movie later on tonight together as one big family.

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