Why Fecal Smearing Happens in Individuals with ASD?

When parents find out their child is feces smearing, it can be an extremely painful situation. They worry that other people will judge them for allowing this might happen in front of friends or family members. A lot of families keep this behavior a secret because it’s either embarrassing or just doesn’t feel right speaking with anyone else about what goes on at home.
Imagine the ugly scene of toilet or even living room! What are you going to do then, when your child starts defecating everywhere and not just in their diapers or toilet? There’s an enormous mess that has been created which your child and needs to be cleaned up by you. That’s why it is very important for parents with Autistic kids that they know how this disorder works so there can be no surprises.

The most common poop related behaviors reported in autism are fecal smearing, pica , anal poking, feces related sexual behavior. There has been little research into why these things happen or what you should do about them if they occur!

There are no simple answers for fecal smearing. Understanding the causes and treatments is where you have to start with. An occupational therapist would recommend sensory integration strategies. A psychologist might ask about a history abuse leading up this behavior. Including your one not all children who experience childhood trauma develop these issues later on in life.

Some of the causes that may lead to smearing like medical issues (constipation,GI issue). Some psychiatric disorders such as anxiety, schizophrenia, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and post traumatic stress syndrome(PTSS) might be the issue. Sensory factors can also cause bathroom accidents in kids who don’t know they have go until it’s too late. Unfortunately your child might enjoy from smell or texture of his/her own creation. Difficulties around teaching toilet training skills could be related. Some children may not able to understand themselves correctly because of not controlling their muscles.

You should consult with a physician to rule out possible medical causes for fecal smearing including infections, hemorrhoids,rectal prolapse and poor interception.

Can You Stop It?

Scatolia is typically a more powerful and messier form of diarrhea. There are many ways people deal emotionally-neutral scatological behaviors such as through social stories or children’s books about potty training like “everyone Poops!”

To address this issue, try to keep your emotional reactions neutral so that you can better control the situation with words instead if necessary! Take a deep breath, slowly let it out and focus on your breathing prior to clean up. If frustration builds during this process then go ahead an have some emotional release but keep everything under control.

It is important to keep your voice calm and low key when cleaning your child even it is so hard to do so. If you are upset and show a huge reaction that will only lead to more stress for yourself.

With the right support, your child can learn to manage their poop problem on their own! Working with specialists such as a doctor or psychologist might be helpful. It the matter is clothing there are adaptive clothing options out there for everyone involved.

No one should have to deal with this poop problem alone! Share your story so you can get the support from other parents and save yourself some time.

Solutions for sensory substitutions

Start with play-dough, toothpaste, clay or even water mix with sand until it becomes routine. Have these items available at all times so that he/she may become familiar to them. Be patient! It could take weeks before finding what works best. Later on you can introduce finger painting, shaving cream and even play with bread dough for touch and visual help.

Smell is the hardest to find out but garlic, onion, vinegar, marmite, essential oils, spices, scented lotions can be solutions for you to try.

When you touched the texture, it felt like an elastic substance that would ague when squished between your fingers. The use of slime for kids on the spectrum is a great way to relieve stress. It messes everywhere including their clothes. Squeezing makes sound similar to making wind or pooping, so it’s perfect substitutions for sound.

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