Having an autistic sibling is both enriching and challenging. For example, siblings often feel compassion for the needs of others because they have empathy towards those who may not understand. What it’s like being different from everyone else or why someone would choose this life over any other one available in society today?  

It can be a lot of fun being an older sibling. You get to take care and nurture your younger siblings, but you also have lots on your plate with homework assignments from school or just everyday life things like making sure that they don’t hurt themselves when playing outside!

The authors of a new study found that parents who have had children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are more likely to produce subsequent siblings also impacted by the condition. In fact, 20-50% percent chance can be expected if 1 child is already affected – which means there’s up tp 4 out 10 chances!
The research was led by Dr John Constantino from Boston College’s Kennedy School for Health Care Studies & Research.

The similarities between having typical brothers/sisters compared with those who suffer from disability can vary greatly depending on how severe his/her condition is. There will still likely always arise some level-of supportiveness towards family members which holds true no matter what type autism you have in your house.

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