I’m Zuhre Parry and I have two teens age of 14, as well 18 years old. Our older son was diagnosed with autism when he was only 2 years old! It looks like our younger son may also be on the spectrum. Mild or severe autism is autism and affects your family life style.

I’ve set up this website, talkingautism.com to share my thoughts and experiences of my childre’s behaviour – or lack of it! I also report on the latest news on autism, including causes, diagnoses and treatments.

Every autistic child is special and lies somewhere on his or her place within a vastly different severity of autistic behavior – known as the autistic spectrum. There is probably no cure for autism but there are  treatments and therapies, which are discussed here.

I’m not an industry professional and the content on this site is my opinion, reflections, and experiences and should not be taken as fact!

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