Melatonin and Autism



Every night when you go to the bedroom with YOUR LITTLE ONE you wish him good dreams and hope you see him in the morning; not middle of the night with tears in his eyes. Maybe every night going to sleep is a nightmare for all of you. You have a little autistic child with sleeping problems or insomnia. You will have no doubt been recommended to try using melatomin hormone as sleeping aid, and here we want to try and answer as many of your questions as possible about this sleep hormone.

Chemical structure of melatonin

When I started using melatonin for our autistic child, I asked myself some questions such as;

  • What is melatonin?
  • How does melatonin work in human body?
  • Do autistic children really need melatonin?
  • Is melatonin the safest drug/medication for autistic children?
  • What are the side effects?
  • How long and what melatonin dosage is appropriate for autistic children?
  • Are there alternative sleep aids and remedies for insomnia in autistic children?
  • Are there enough studies that can make a conclusion about melatonin?

Actually the best thing you can do to search the right answer for all your questions till you satisfied. You can start to ask your consultant and pharmacist. How about surfing on the net? Main problem when you do that you might see millions zillions websites, resources, strange words, repeat things…etc.  It is a nightmare. It takes long time to find one answer but DO NOT WORRY. Relax and read. You will find most of answers for your questions. If you have more questions in your mind than  you can check this studies on the list as you see below in summary or please write and share with all of us. As parents we are all looking for answers for our questions. Who knows maybe one of us knows and waiting for sharing.

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