There are so many theories like genetics, brain damages or even infections like otitis media. Yet no one can be really sure because of the lack in available evidence to support each theory. They all have different assumptions when it comes down how these factors effects on human brain..

Some evidence suggests genetics play an important role combined with environmental influences like toxins in your body or infections from viruses .

Studies show an increased risk for individuals with certain gene mutations however it’s still unclear how this happens in spite of what we know about DNA damage patterns.

Some scientists think that there are many reasons why some people develop autism and others don’t, but it is not yet clear what those triggers might be. It’s been suggested that you may increase your risk if one or more of these apply: Having a sibling with the condition; being older parents (especially over 40); carrying certain genes like Down Syndrome or Fragile X syndrome.

Have you ever heard of refrigerator mother? Refrigerator Mother has been a theory that parents’ practices can cause or contribute to Autism. Multiple studies have shown this idea is false.

Another worry is vaccine and autism causes. Even decades later still some studies have shown no link between vaccination and autism rates in children some parents believe MMR cause their children’s autism.

There is still much to explore and investigate, but it’s important that we start talking about this issue so people know they’re not alone in their struggles!

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